Industrial Revolution of Manufacturing Intelligence

Qixing Group takes upgrading technology and professional advancement as its guarantee, which is also with high-tech product development, high-tech manufacturing and high-standard market service concept. It pursues excellence to the utmost and strives to the pursuit of top quality toward the goal of RMB ten billion industry and RMB one billion profits and taxes at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan , struggling to make new contribution to economic and social development.


  • Intelligent

    Advanced industry technology combined with intelligent manufacturing and intelligent control, Qixing is always sparing no effort to continue the intelligent process and focusing on urban intelligent construction, which is committed to modern frontier technology to serve the society.

  • Automation

    Efficient manufacturing of high-quality products stems from the vigorous advancement of automated production lines, with its inputs and outputsin direct proportion to show the strong productivity and technical level of automation.the power and technology of automation. Qixing has become the industry leader depending on intensive cultivation for decades.

  • New Energy

    April showers bring May flowers.Qixing insists on being the pioneer of the rise of new energy, responding to the call of the country's Green Development Strategy and taking the new energy industry to a new height with the mission of green environmental protection.