Intelligent equipment was widely used in the early period of the company, and accumulated rich experience in the production of automation equipment. Since then, intelligent equipment has gradually broken through its original self-armed function.
      Starting from 2008, the company began to enter the field of intelligent equipment R&D and production. The company has designed and manufactured large, medium and small fiber laser cutting machines, die surface induction hardening machine tools, large tank robot automatic welding workstations, large mold foam CNC milling machines and other automation equipment. Among them, the production of robot mold surface induction hardening machine tools, robot fiber laser cutting machine and other industrial robot products have become the best selling products in the market. August 17, 2015, the company opened a new page of transformation from Qixing Manufacturing to Qixing Smart Manufacturing. On the basis of the former Automation Equipment Division, the Group has established an independent subsidiary company, Hubei Qixing Intelligent Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent equipment. To this end, based on the existing talent team, Intelligent Company has introduced professional management talents and teams from well-known domestic robotics companies, and the company has reached the engineer level of more than 40 talents. Intellectual change is not only the need of the company's own development, but also the inevitable development of the industry.
      At the beginning of its establishment, the company has begun to design and develop intelligent parking equipment. At present, it has obtained various qualifications such as production license of vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment, and has developed various types of mechanical parking equipment. In the future, the company will focus on intelligent parking equipment and automation production line, and contribute its own strength to the transformation and development of the group company.
    The company follows the quality policy of design innovation, manufacturing excellence, pursuing first-class, high-quality victory, and serves you wholeheartedly.


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