Hubei Qixing Group, a large state-owned enterprise group, was founded in 1980. It is a national high-tech enterprise group which integrates the production of dangerous tank trucks, pressure vessels, automobile body, RV and special military vehicles. It employs more than 3000 people, covers an area of 2700 Mu and has a total assets of nearly 5 billion yuan. Tanker Business Department is a standardized enterprise for the production and manufacture of dangerous goods transport tankers and pressure vessels in Suizhou Special Vehicle Capital, covering an area of more than 600 mu. With an annual production capacity of 5000 dangerous chemical tankers, 2000 kinds of medium and low pressure tanks, 1500 kinds of standard tanks, 10000 precision semiconductor UN tanks, storage and transportation design, research and development are in the leading level in the industry, which can meet the design standards of 90% of the world's countries. The company has strong technical force, advanced inspection means and perfect quality system. The process control is strict. Qixing brand products sell well in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions of the country, and are exported to the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and Southeast Asia and other countries. It is a designated special-purpose automobile manufacturer by the state. It is a special-purpose automobile manufacturer that integrates design, development, production, manufacturing and sales services. Main raw equipment more than 600 sets (sets), Germany Berg large displacement twin screw air compressor, PLC controlled wind cycle machine shot blasting room, electrophoresis paint room, baking room and machine processing, stamping number plasma cutting machine and other leading domestic equipment and tooling molds and testing instruments. And a new number of first-class equipment has been introduced, including 57 of the world's most sophisticated testing equipment and 18 of Germany's latest robotic welding equipment. The tank body fully adopts robotic automatic welding, mechanical transverse welding seam, computer-controlled automatic forming head, internal and external full welding butt joint, fully seamless forming. The stability of welding is guaranteed to the greatest extent, and imported welding wire is adopted to improve the quality of welding seam. The company has been in line with the principle of quality is the life of the enterprise, and has established a sound quality assurance system and quality evaluation system in the tank car quality; to ensure that quality first, customer satisfaction. Through data analysis, the company team focused on customer driving safety. It not only improved the quality of tanker, but also improved the capacity and self-weight of tanker. That is to say, it increased the capacity of tanker and ensured the safe driving of customers. To truly satisfy our customers with our company, our products and our services, our general purpose is: unremitting pursuit of perfection!


  • LNG Storage tank

  • Liquefied Gas Semi-hanging

  • Aluminum alloy oil semi-hanging


ADDRESS:Shilipu Village,economic development District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province