Hubei Hanxin Special Automobile Manufacturing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional RV manufacturer with R&D, production and sales. It belongs to Hubei Qixing Group.
Since its establishment in 2004, it has always adhered to the quality-based, science and technology innovation as the guide, talent as the guarantee, vigorously implement the quality strategy, continuously improve the ability of independent research and development and professional manufacturing level, ensure product quality and reliability and stability, and strive to build Qixing brand. The company's RV production line has a number of production lines, such as die, stamping, welding, swimming suit (cathodic electrophoresis), woodworking decoration, interior decoration, wire harness, etc. Iveco RV production line, pickup RV production line, Quanshun RV production line, and automotive electrical test station, anti-aging test station of automotive interior accessories, rain test station, vehicle detection line and RV production line. A road detection line ensures that every RV is carefully and rigorously inspected.
Qixing RV is the earliest high-end RV brand built with the concept of finished vehicle in China. The team consists of experienced management personnel and sales elites with professional vehicle industry background. It gathers more than ten senior professional designers and craftsmen in the field of domestic refitting industry. It adopts safe and practical new circuit design, environmental protection interior decoration technology and vehicle supply. Should chain system and pipeline production system, to create an ideal car product that can really travel freely and with ease. Qixing RV products include Iveco RV, Quanshun RV, Isuzu D-max pickup RV, Datong RV, etc.
In the future, Qixing RV will continue to develop and produce all kinds of self-propelled and Trailer RVs, constantly improve and expand its product line, and strive to develop new products for the richer RVs'life, so as to meet the market demand and become an international first-class RVM manufacturer.


  • Single-row pickup truck

  • Daily C RV

  • New Transit RV


ADDRESS:Shilipu Village,economic development District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province