What is LPG




 LP Gas is a clean energy solution, which emits 50% less CO2 emissions than coal and 20% less than heating oil, making it ideal for use in heating and cooking. LPG also improves both indoor and outdoor air quality by substantially reducing pollutants which are hazardous to health, such as SOx, NOx and Particulate Matter.
Where is it used?
LPG has more than 1,000 applications: it is used in transportation, in commercial business, industry, farming, domestic heating and cooking, and for recreational purposes. The domestic sector is one of the most popular applications for LPG with almost 47% of the global demand for LPG coming from residential cooking and heating demands.
AutoGas is one of the fastest growing sectors, representing almost 9% and 22.87 million tonnes of total LP Gas consumption worldwide (2010 data). In the past four years, Autogas consumption increased on average 4.6% annually. Autogas is well established in many countries in the world that have enabling legislation.
Unique Properties
LP Gas has unique properties allow it to be used everywhere:
LP Gas can be transported, stored, and used virtually anywhere in the world. It does not require a fixed network and will not deteriorate over time.
LP Gas is very clean burning and has lower greenhouse gas emissions than any other fossil fuel when measured on a total fuel cycle. Originating mainly from natural gas production, it is also non-toxic and will not contaminate soil or aquifers in the event of a leak.
LP Gas can be accessible to everyone everywhere today without major infrastructure investment. Nothing needs to be invented and there are enough reserves to last many decades.
LP Gas is cost-effective, since a high proportion of its energy content is converted into heat. LP Gas can be up to five times more efficient than traditional fuels, resulting in less energy wastage and better use of our planet’s resources.
LP Gas is a multi-purpose energy. There are more than a thousand applications, from cooking, heating, air conditioning and transportation, to cigarette lighters and even the Olympic torch.
LPGas has various applications, for cooking, heating, refrigeration, lighting and for recreational purposes. It even has commercial uses like in transportation, in commercial business and industries, in farming, poultry etc
Because LPG is portable and in a cylinder it can be moved around from room to room, taken outdoors or even next door.
LPGas is cleaner than charcoal – no more dirty hands and dirty smoke emissions.
LPGas is energy that obeys you – instantly! There are no “power cuts”, gives you energy instantly – “no warming up”. It is non-toxic (not poisonous), clean burning and does not pollute the atmosphere. So let LPGas be the choice for all your energy needs.