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The main reasons for choosing an LPG tank instead of gas cylinders, are (a) feasibility to meet heavy requirements and (b) economy, since cylinder fueling is much more expensive.
Installations fueled by LPG tanks are mainly used in the industrial and catering (restaurants, hotels, etc) sector but also in private residencies, when there is space available for the installation of the tank.
LPG tanks are divided into Above ground (external) and Underground. The Underground tanks are buried to ground and covered with soil. The advantage of underground tanks is the increased fire protection, while the basic advantage of above ground tanks is the economic installation.
LPG Tank Equipment: The gas tank according to the legislation must be equipped with: Filling valve, Gaseous Phase Valve, Safety Gauge, Layout Indication Level, Pressure Relief Safety Valve, Max Level Limiter/Indicator & Fluid Relief Valve.
Certificate of Manufacture: Each LPG tank must be issued with a Certificate of Manufacture in which it is listed: the Manufacturer, the Year of Manufacture, the Serial Number, the Materials used for construction, the Regulation or Standard and Compliance with Directive 97/23/EC, the Tests it has undergone & its Capacity.
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