Volvo join hands with dongfeng secondly Commercial vehicle joint venture a foregone conclusion




The relevant person in charge of dongfeng commercial vehicle technology center told reporters at present, technical personnel has been part of the Volvo currently in place.Another, according to people familiar with the new joint venture after dongfeng commercial vehicle will have eight members of the board of directors, dongfeng and Volvo each assigned four.

In the face of increasingly stringent emission regulations, technology upgrade problem before each commercial enterprises.According to the plan, through the cooperation with Volvo, dongfeng will get more technology and research and development support, and Volvo also can rely on dongfeng, in China, the world's largest commercial vehicle landed more seats on the market.

Volvo with dongfeng second hand

On July 28, dongfeng group listed on the Shanghai united assets and equity exchange, with 5.51 billion yuan price transfer publicly owned by dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD. 45% stake.

In dongfeng group published in the announcement of the transfer of property rights, the assignee put forward "one of the world's leading medium-duty truck production and sales enterprises" such as qualification conditions.Analysts believe that these constraints is basic for Volvo.

In dongfeng commercial vehicle inside the original plan, dongfeng and Volvo's cooperation should be done before and after the New Year's day this year, and then, dongfeng internal and listed in the plan will be put off to June this year.However, until July 28, dongfeng group was released by the Shanghai united assets and equity exchange notice of assignment of dongfeng commercial vehicle company 45% stake.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, Volvo passed to buy a 50% stake, dongfeng automobile company to form a joint venture with dongfeng in hangzhou, the main business of the joint venture, limited to the final assembly."Volvo parts from all over the world factory to hangzhou, we responsible for package and sales, production is the Volvo brand products."Hangzhou dongfeng Volvo relevant controller introduces to the reporter.

But it did not open the Chinese market for Volvo, the main reason is that the price is too high.According to the personage inside course of study introduces, Volvo commercial vehicle far more than the price of the domestic commercial vehicle, both the vehicle and accessories, all under outside in the Chinese market.

"The Chinese market and European market difference is very big."Hangzhou dongfeng Volvo, said an official with the north China regional sales Volvo products for the Chinese do not have big road transportation environment, on the one hand, China's logistics is much by individual businesses, to afford the high cost of transportation, on the other hand, expensive maintenance and accessories also let domestic consumers.

Suffering serious soil and water disaffected Volvo in China, be badly in need of a new "partner in China".

Dongfeng commercial vehicle product upgrade is needed

Dongfeng commercial vehicle top heavy card market in China, but in the framework of the original dongfeng co., LTD., is regarded as "inefficient" business sector.Dongfeng commercial vehicle company insiders told reporters: "more than 70000 employees, dongfeng commercial vehicle in nissan ways, this is too inefficient."

Low benefit is the best way to change the dongfeng commercial vehicle business, is a technology and product upgrading, and nissan out commercial vehicle business in the global scope, and can't give dongfeng enough technical support.Also because of this, Volvo, throw out the "olive branch" apparently more beneficial to the development of dongfeng commercial vehicle.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle of the relevant technical said, Volvo's technology requires very high cost, dongfeng could be "flexible" the Volvo part of the core technology, such as the engine parts, such as technology used in dongfeng models, in order to more agree with the requirement of the domestic commercial vehicle market.Dongfeng commercial vehicle to achieve IV technology, he said, is not difficult, but the future again to upgrade to a higher standard "has the certain difficulty", which requires the Volvo more advanced engine technology.

To this end, the two sides will jointly set up r&d center.It is understood that according to dongfeng "dry D300" plan, dongfeng commercial vehicle to achieve output of 1 million vehicles in 2016, so products upgrading is imminent.

Previously, Daimler, mann and other international commercial vehicle giants in China already layout.As early as 2009, sinotruk group signed a cooperation with German commercial vehicle giants man, the latter in sinotruk, then man group will its advanced truck and engine technology in China in the form of an exclusive license authorization to sinotruk.

Anyway, dongfeng and Volvo mode of cooperation, can be seen as a microcosm of China's commercial vehicle industry upgrading.The personage inside course of study analysis, under the current situation of the macro economic slowdown, the fast growth in commercial vehicle market is difficult to reproduce, dongfeng by importing technology and Volvo joint venture, continues to lead the market, but technical digestion and running-in is still a important mark.