Qixing designed a new style cabin for SANY heavy truck




 February 26, 2018, Qixing Truck Cabin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. got a good exciting news.
Qixing Company designed and produced a  new truck cabin for the SANY Group, SANY assembled the new cabin with their new heavy truck model  in Changsha Industrial Park, the new truck product will be saled in marketing.

Qixing Company has a long-term and strategic cooperation with Sany Group. The cab is Qixing Company specially designed for Sany Group's new heavy truck. The new cab has a unique appearance and maintains the atmosphere of Sanyang. The main body of the red-key tune, full of modernity.
This cab is very spacious, extra wide folding sofa sleeper inside the bed gives great comfort, large storage area above the locker to meet a variety of storage needs, car microwave, car refrigerator for the driver Can enjoy fresh food anytime, anywhere, 17-inch LCD TV to make life easy and comfortable, as well as smart car terminal, flat floor ... ... to create China's first "RV heavy truck" Cab!
This Sany truck may use the 500 horsepower Weichai brand engine, Fast transmission gear and Hande Axle,Assemble the heavy truck with Qixing new  style cabin will be gold power chain.

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