QIXING Booth13.0A20 to 13.0A23. at the 125th Canton Fair




The 125th China import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened yesterday.The Canton Fair is expected to have more than 210 countries and regions to attend the conference,and a number of high-tech enterprises in the high-tech sector will be concentrated.According to reports,the Canton Fair is the most comprehensive international trade exhibition with the longest history,the largest scale,the most complete variety of goods,and the largest number of visitors.It is regarded as the “barometer” and “wind vane” of China's foreign trade.The market plays an important role.

Hubei Qixing Group exhibited a variety of products and materials such as new energy chassis,intelligent three-dimensional garage,body (cab) and RV at the Canton Fair,which attracted many foreign friends to observe and negotiate.

Qixing product page on Canton Fair official website

Introducing Qixing RV to Foreign Merchants

Introducing Qixing Vehicle-Body&New Energy Chassis Products to Foreign Merchants

Introducing Hubei Qixing Vertical Parking System to Foreign Merchants

Introducing Qixing Road Tanker to Foreign Merchants

Welcome to the Qixing booth 13.0A20 to 13.0A23  of the Canton Fair,and the scene was very hot.Hubei Qixing's products have always been known for its high quality at home and abroad,and have a strong R & D team to pursue the perfection of technology through continuous innovation.I believe that there will be very bright results in Hubei Qixing at this Canton Fair.

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Pazhou Complex

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one exhibition area with 4 booths from 13.0A20 to 13.0A23

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