Qixing RV Stand No.S001-1 in 2019, the China International RV Tourism Expo




On April 28, 2019, the China International RV Tourism Expo (referred to as the 2019

Shanghai RV Exhibition) with the theme of “Leading the New Era of China RV Tourism” 

was closed at the Shanghai Auto Exhibition Center. The exhibition area reached 60,000

square meters. The number of participating RV companies has reached more than 300, 

and it is expected that more than 40,000 visitors will be visited.

Since 2009, with the vigorous development of domestic self-driving tour and the

country's strong support for car self-driving tour and RV travel, the Chinese RV 

industry has entered a rapid development for 10 years, which is why it has been 

in the past 10 years. In the industry, there have also been many companies, 

individuals and products that have made outstanding contributions to the 

development of the industry.

As one of the top RV manufacturers in China, Hubei Qixing RV also brought 

fist products at the exhibition: Qixing D-MAX four-wheel drive off-road 

motorhome and Xinquanshun small C-type RV.The scene was quite hot, 

and many domestic and foreign buyers were adorning our products.

QIXING RV is created more customization for leading the new era of China's RV tourism