Environmental Benefits of LPG




The Energy Savings Trust indicates that road transport is responsible for nearly 50% of smog forming pollutants.
LPG-Cars will work with you to create a zero carbon footprint for your vehicle. This will involve assessment of your annual usage. LPG-Cars will then make an equal contribution to ensure that your first year is carbon zero. We also provide a scheme where you can have a zero footprint for the duration of your ownership. Please ask for details when you book in for the conversion.
Our view is that LPG is a cleaner fuel specifically:
LPG produces 33% less CO2 emissions than petrol and 45% less CO2 than diesel.
LPG vehicles produce upto 82% less Nitrogen Oxide pollutants than petrol and 99% better than diesel !
63% less Carbon Monoxide.
40% less Hydrocarbons than petrol and 70% less than diesel.
50% less particulates than petrol and 98% less than diesel. These caused the London warning in 2005.
At present the energy that goes into production of other bio fuels such as bio diesel and soya based fuels is substantial and the full environmental impact has not been calculated by the experts.
Although there has been a lot of media attention on electric cars the carbon footprint is enourmous. The raw materials are mined in remote parts of the world and then flown to specialist refining plants in the west, before being flown to the car plant. Recharging of cars may also require the use of mains power. Electric power generation has it’s own ecological problems that are well known. So our view is that this will move the problem elsewhere rather than tackling root cause
Benefits of LPG over other Fuels
The cost of LPG is half that of Petrol. Yes that’s right half ! The case for LPG over other fuels is compelling.
The benefits for the environment are underpinned by Government initiatives (i.e. reduced taxes and charges). There is also reduced wear and tear on the engine. The points below are just some of the reasons to make the change.
You’ll be driving in a more environment-friendly way, the gain from the use of Autogas for vehicles are undeniable.
In contrast to diesel, cold starting is no problem, engine performance is similar to petrol.
No spilling when filling your tank and little possibility of theft or pilfering.
Engine noise is reduced.
LPG is better than petrol because it reaches the engine in gas form leading to improved combustion.
The ignition of Autogas is smoother as a result of the higher octane content. No additives are required to guarantee high quality.
The life of the engine is increased because of the absence of acids and carbon deposits.
Autogas contains no lead and is therefore cleaner.
Exhaust emissions contain less harmful substances when compared to petrol and diesel.
The engine oil does not become diluted with a resulting drop in servicing costs
Features of ISO LPG Tank Container
It meets the requirements for both a storage container for dangerous cargo and a transportation container, which contributes greatly to simplifying the formality procedures for transporting dangerous cargo.
It allows sea/land transportation of LPG just like general freight containers.
Completed with equipment required for filling, discharging of dangerous cargo enables safe handling and keeps cargo quality in perfect condition during transportation.
Similar to general freight container it can be stacked for space economy for loading on vessels and temporary storage.
Endures long-term repetitive use, has a big unit capacity, and requires no auxiliary packing materials thus making it very economical.