Why People Choose Aluminum Alloy Liquid Tank of Qixing?




 Why People Choose Aluminum Alloy Liquid Tank of Qixing?
  Qixing dangerous goods transport vehicles growing with an average of 90% of the speed for many years, the aspect at home and abroad, the size of the market ahead of domestic counterparts, especially aluminum alloy liquid tank is to become the darling of the market, and pioneered rewrite special geographical environment of Qinghai Tibet area is not able to use the history of aluminum alloy tank. In fact, Qixing aluminum alloy liquid tank than the market price of similar products to high, the price does not account for advantages why customers still choose to buy Qixing aluminum alloy can. These reasons you should know.

 First, as a benchmark for the industry, the subordinate enterprises of the central enterprises Qixing group, Qixing in product technology development, security invested heavily. Qixing aluminum alloy can introduce the most advanced design concept of Europe and the United States and ensure the fashion aesthetic appearance, cutting-edge technology performance. By design to finished stage is repeated experiments, from computer aided finite element simulation analysis to prototype patch should force test, to test a variety of field road enhanced simulation test, on product performance, safety, quality and strict control of.
  Secondly, in the aluminum alloy material, parts selection, Qixing adheres to the brand, quality principles. Aluminum alloy material by the manufacturers direct supply, quality assurance. Small car accessories to a bolt, rubber pad, large oil and gas recovery, anti leak bottom loading series European standard system, with accessories price huge difference. Selection of high-quality accessories, hand power improved product performance, on the other hand will prolong the service life of the vehicle.
  Third, Qixing aluminum alloy liquid tank manufacturing technology has been leading the counterparts in, from the material, moulding of a tank body and tank welding is adopted in the whole process of NC machining, each procedure is necessary cost. In addition, detection means from the testing of the mechanical properties of the raw materials, welding X-ray detection, helium Jianlou, hydraulic testing, pressure testing, static detection, braking performance testing technology, equipment for the lead.
  Fourth, Qixing aluminum alloy cans production line in the international first-class level, has the international first-class production lines, production equipment must also be the introduction of world-class. Feed line imported CNC milling machine, with the traditional CNC plasma cutting compared to ensure the strength of materials and the precision is increased by 100 times, welding line introduction girth TIG automatic welding, the tank in realized 100% automatic welding, weld X-ray flaw detection qualified rate of close to 100%. The production line upgrade, also Qixing aluminum alloy cans of first-class quality, first-class brand guarantee.
  Qixing insist on hard work, ingenuity and adhere to the first-class service, cars! First-class products to help you feel at ease, to help you succeed!