Automatic Vertical circulating mechanical parking Facility

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Automatic Vertical circulating mechanical parking Facility

Product parameters

  Items Technical performance parameters
Product model PCX12D PCX10D PCX8D
Quntity of parking lot 12Parking lots 10Parking lots 8 Parking lots
Equipment floor area
(D*W*H) A set 6800mm*6000mm*13600mm 6800mm*6000mm*11700mm 6800mm*6000mm*9850mm
B set 6800mm*6000mm*14500mm 6800mm*6000mm*12500mm 6800mm*6000mm*10500mm
Parking lot size
(L*W*H*KG) Aset(5000mm*1850mm*1630mm*1700kg)
Lifting speed/Motor power 4-6(m/min)/5.5-11kw
Lifting System motor+Chain type
Control system Using PLC system
Operation mode Using IC card +Digital push button
Power Three-phase five wire system 380V 50Hz
Safety measures 1.Error operation alarm device.
2.Emergency braking device.
3.overly L、W、H、KG alarm device.
4.Alarm device for door not close.
5.Photoelectric detection device for people or vehicle wrong to break in.
6.Safety barrier.
Parking Notice
1. Car model should be conformed to parking place
2. Must be forward into parking equipment.

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