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Product parameters

Main technical parameter
Vehicle Name: Lubricating oil tank semi-trailer Batches: 309
Product trademark QiXing brand product ID  
Vehicle model: QXC9400GRH Catalog number: (十七)70
Fuel:   Exempted:  
Exemption:   Release date: 20180709
Total mass 40000(Kg) Volume: 44.2
Rated load quality 33500(Kg) Curb weight 6500(Kg)
Outline size 12300×2500×3750(mm) Cargo size ××(mm)
Rated passenger (person) Total Quality of Quasi-trailer (kg)
Cab:   Front passenger: (person)
Anti-lock Braking System: Yes Carrier Mass Utilization Coefficient  
Approach/departure angle: -/20(°) Front/rear suspension: -/1530(mm)
Axle number: 3 Wheelbase: 6500+1310+1310(mm)
Axle load: -/24000(Three axis group) Maximum speed: (km/h)
Other Effective volume of tank: 44.2 cubic meters, medium: lubricating oil; dangerous goods category number: 3, density: 0.795 tons/cubic meters, tank size: long (including head) 11690 mm, head depth 220 mm, long axis 2494 mm, short axis 1964 mm; selection of wheel cover; ABS manufacturer: Zhejiang Wan'an Science and Technology Co., Ltd. VIE-TABS 4S/2M; protective materials are made of aluminum alloy profiles, side protection bolts, connection, etc. Bolt connection is used for rear lower protection. The height of rear protection section is 150 mm, the width of section is 90 mm, and the height of lower edge is 480 mm. The tractor suitable for tracting semi-trailer for dangerous goods transportation is adopted.
Technical parameters of chassis
Chassis Model   Chassis enterprise:  
Tyre number 12 Spring number: -/4/4/4,-/7/7/7
Tire specification: 12R22.5 12PR,11.00R20 12PR Drive system:  
Front wheel pitch:   Rear wheel pitch: 1840/1840/1840
Chassis Emission Standards:  
Fuel types:   Oil consumption:  
Engine Model Engine Manufacturing Enterprises Displacement(ml) Power(kw)
Marking enterprise: Zhejiang Daoming Optics Co., Ltd., Changzhou Huarisheng Reflective Materials Co., Ltd., 3M China Co., Ltd. VinVehicle identification code: LA93GKK7×××H7X×××

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